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Itron FC300 Carrying Case

Itron FC300 Carrying Case

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System Wear Carrying Case for the Itron FC300 

  • Simple wrap around case that protects the sides of the device.
  • It is designed using System Wear’s unique, custom made high-density foam material.
  • It includes a tear away shoulder strap
  • Can be made with a Duraflex clip to attach the device to the users belt 


  • SW wear case allows the user to carry the FC300 over the shoulder and/or attach it to a belt making it more comfortable to carry for long periods to time
  • The case facilitates increase safety for the user my allowing them to have 2 hands free providing them the ability to open and close gates, move obsticales and access PPE in the case of dog attacks.


  • Exterior finish will withstand extensive abuse and can be cleaned with many industrial strength cleaners, including healthcare disinfectants and automotive cleaners.
  • Foam has substantial resilience and the thickness ensures excellent drop protection.
  • Heavy duty clips work with or without belts.


Our cases are designed to fit snugly. Initially the case will likely be very tight when inserting the device however with continued use the case will form and shape to the device.


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