Collection: Custom Cases and holsters

Not every client has the same needs. System Wear recognizes this fact and offers clients a solution, System Wear will consider factors ranging from protection and ergonomics to waterproofing and freezing issues.

The 3-step Customization Process:

The following process ensures that every custom phone or scanner case or holster produced by System Wear effectively meets the needs of each client.

Step 1: Determine Design Requirements

Several factors are considered at this stage including:

  • Environment where mobile technology is used
  • The users and their interface with the technology
  • The specific task at hand
  • Key feature priorities such as protection, carrying comfort, accessibility, waterproofing, freezing of electronic components such as LCD screen and batteries and storage
  • Need for specialized materials i.e. high visibility or reflective materials
  • Custom labelling

Once all the design requirements have been collected, System Wear will provide a quote for a prototype design.

Step 2: Trial Phase

The next step in the customization process involves developing a prototype that will allow the client to “try before they buy.” This provides them with the opportunity to suggest any alterations or additions prior to the design going to final production.

Step 3: Product Devliery

Once the prototype has gone through the final production phase and approval by client, it is delivered and ready for use. To ensure a smooth integration, System Wear checks in during the initial stages of use to ensure there are no glitches or challenges with the product.

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